Learn How to Feed your best Thoughts & Emotions to your baby in the Womb in Just 6 Days

Educate you baby while in the womb into becoming a considerate & responsible adult by fruitfully engaging just 1hr/day
Team Pregyanam
Garbhsanskar – Womb Parenting
6 day Masterclass for
Pregnant couples in any TrimesterBatch starts from 08th November, Thursday

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This Program is the Right-Fit for You If:

You are a couple in any of the 3 trimesters looking for a healthy pregnancy
You are unclear about what to expect or how to prepare yourself for the pregnancy
You are a first time parent or it’s your 2nd, 3rd of even 4th baby


Babies’ brains develop so fast while being inside the womb. They can see what you’re doing, feel what you feel, smell what you smell and hear what you speak.
Connecting with the baby in your womb is found to make pregnancy and delivery stress free and complication-free. You can also help your baby learn many things.
Examples of baby learning through womb are found in Indian Traditional scriptures and are now being validated by Modern Science on Prenatal study.
Garbhsanskar-Womb Parenting offers you an opportunity to impart value education to your baby that is going to stay with them for their lifetime.

If you think this method could help you, then you’re invited to join the
6 Day Garbhsanskar - Womb Parenting Workshop.
Just look at the kind of results our community have been getting:

“Getting all at one place”
Pooja USA

The unique thing about Pregynam is their holistic approach to pregnancy and therefore the various services offered by them such as Yoga, meditation, couple counselling, Ayurveda Vaidya consultation. We ended up using all the services. Their whole team is very professional as well as friendly. It was very positive and open environment & I felt like talking to friends and family.

“We found this nowhere else”

We did not want to go for any kind of operation for my wife’s cervix and started searching for a doctor who can treat it with medicines. Our search ended with Pregyanam. We consulted with Viadya Shefali and she diagnosed us really well. She made sure that we don't get scared and live as naturally as we can.

"Empowered my Motherhood”

I was unable to sleep well and as soon as I started my sessions with Pregyanam’s Yoga guide within 2 days my sleep got normalised and I slept all night. Woke up in the morning and did my walk and then joined Yoga sessions. The diet management programs I did also greatly relieved me of my confusions on what to eat and what to avoid. My last trimester was special as they brought me through Pregyanam’s hospital readiness program which really empowered me for the delivery process.

Proven to be Safe & Secure for Couples in all the 3 Trimesters
Proven to Promote Natural Delivery
Proven to Reduce Necessity of C-section



Sessions divided b/w Wisdom sharing, Meditation & Yoga
The baby would remember every positive thing you learn during these sessions
Couples can follow their Gynaecologist’s prescriptions even while learning all of this


What is Garbhsanskar-Womb Parenting and why Parenting should start from the day you confirm your pregnancy?

How to fulfil you Nutrition requirements through diet?
Day 2 : YOGA
Practise Yogic Asaans with our Prenatal trained Yoga expert.
Dive deep into relaxation while addressing negative patterns of thinking and actions through our meditation experts.
How to stay Happy and energetic through the day so the baby gets your best nourishment?
How & why to allow fruitful engagement of your husband and other family members in pregnancy journey?
How to create a sensory-rich, brain nourishing environment for your baby by bonding with them deeply?


We were clear about one point, we wanted the delivery to be natural. It was an easy decision because we wanted the child and the mother to be healthy in the long-term, and going 'the nature's way' is the most logical thing to do. Surprisingly, what is natural has become uncommon today because of the greedy practices in the hospitals and the inclination of some mothers to avoid the natural pains if possible. We preferred not to go see an gynecologist unless it was necessary, because it would have led us to the trap of unnecessary pills and tests instead of being able to follow the traditional dietary practices in case of pregnancy. So, we only decided to make regular visits to our Ayurvedic practitioner, and finally, visited the obstetrician only in the fifth month when we thought it might be good to take the ultra-sound scan and get an assurance that everything was well.

In the seventh month, we had to fix our birthing center. For that, we had two options, one was to continue with our present obstetrician, and the second was to consider an option suggested by one of our friends, Vinish. With the first option, there was no guarantee of having a natural delivery because it was a corporate hospital and the trends weren't encouraging. So, we decided to go with the second option, which was to consult a mid-wife instead. Our decision was definitely the right one, and now when we think back, we are extremely glad to have taking this route. In fact, we would recommend any couple who come to us for advice to strongly consider this option. Taking this route made us aware, empowered and confident during the entire journey, and made the entire journey pleasant. In this model, I was also able to participate very proactively.

The natural delivery had surely caused a very speedy recovery for Shilpi. Going to healthy mother birthing center for lamaze classes and delivery was definitely a great decision that we made. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Vijaya and her team for consulting us in a right manner during this important phase, giving us all the strength and faith, and for making the truly natural birth happen. And, hats off to Shilpi for showing great courage.

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Shilpi & Sriram

When we found out I was pregnant there was no limits to our happiness. But there was just one thing in our mind that we wanted to have a natural birthing experience and we wanted our baby to be free from all sorts of chemicals and artificial things. I kept a healthy diet all through my pregnancy including a lot of fruits and vegetables,also a protein rich diet was recommended to us.

We kept regular visits to the gynecologist and asked her a lot of questions as to about how should we proceed as we had a lot of anxiety as it was our first child. We were recommended to continue our normal daily routines and to remain stress free as far as possible. I was very active be it socially or by doing household work. I used to do all household chores daily like brooming, mopping and cooking food. I used to have regular morning and evening walk for 30 minutes and met a lot of friends during that time. I also used to read religious books to keep stress at bay.

We had our anomaly scan during second trimester and when everything came out normal we were relieved. Also I wanted to add that my mother used to give me milk with 1 teaspoon of desi ghee daily during last month as it is believed to result in normal delivery. So when the time came, everything was normal and with god's grace we had a normal delivery with baby weighing 4.25 kg. It was an amazing feeling and I am extremely proud of myself to have delivered a healthy baby

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Hemlata & Pinkesh

My name is Nitisha and I have had the good fortune of being able to help bring into this world two healthy children, and that too, in a safe and natural manner. I’am a vegetarian, who is not overtly fond of dairy products either. The event, or rather the journey that I narrate below, is just a brief look into what I think helped me the most in both my pregnancy’s.

The most important factor for me, in my humble opinion, was exercise. I was committed to making sure that I walked every day in my Pregnancy, and that even though i was not very fond of dairy products, but I followed my Doctor’s advice regarding consumption of milk. My exercise regime was very simple and uncomplicated. I would occasionally do home cleaning in terms of sweeping and all, but the most regular aspect of it were my walks.

I genuinely also enjoyed my time alone during these walks, or perhaps I should rephrase and say that I enjoyed the time with me and the life within me. I was very obsessed with having a natural delivery, and it took my gynaecologist a fair amount of time to convince me that a safe pregnancy was more important than a natural one. I did not take any epidurals during both my pregnancy’s.

In both cases, the total time I spent inside the delivery room was less than 20-25 minutes. I would again stress that, as important diet and care is, exercise for me, remains the single most important factor enabling a healthy and natural delivery...

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Abhinandan & Nitisha

When we started planning a family, we were unsure on what type of delivery we will be choosing. But the moment we got to know we are pregnant, we started exploring ways, particularly means of natural birthing. I was very keen but a little less confident on having a natural birth. In the process of knowing the benefits of natural birthing, my confidence levels grew up and I enjoying my pregnancy to the extent that I could. I can now say with pride, that it was most precious phase of my life till date.

It was my belief and confidence in the traditional age-old practices told to me by both my mommies and grandmom and that I had witnessed growing up that led me to take a slightly “unconventional” approach towards my pregnancy. While I was going for regular doctor visits, me and my husband were doing our own research and supplementing my lifestyle with nutrition and activities which I also learnt about from our elders rather than my Doctors.

Yes, it’s not easy to walk this path and is extremely scary as you cannot make any mistake but if you trust the knowledge and have faith in it, then it will give you something valuable in return. I always wondered why these traditions and experience based practices are not more mainstream, especially when they seem to be more caring and thought out as compared to just taking medicines all the time. Grateful for my parents and grandparents who kept us closer to our traditions and natural things.

Yes, there is a little bit of discipline required and a little bit more effort needed. All of this is worth it, if your pregnancy turns out to be a wonderful journey and your birthing experience is a sum of it all. And you will be able to look after your new born child with much more attention and care because you will be fitter and stronger.

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Reema & Joe

My first pregnancy and delivery was just the perfect mix of the right people, the right resources and perhaps most importantly, the right attitude. Every step in the journey towards my birth, I could feel the strength and confidence in me growing as I embraced a method which was based on age old traditions practices, rather than one which is conventionally adopted.

From simple things as reading the right books to consciously making connection with supportive and understanding people, to using everything from Ayurveda and Pranic healing to Yoga and Lamaze classes, all of these practices and more were essential for having a pregnancy and birthing experience that was beautiful and natural vis a vis the “modern” method which does appear at times to be induced and artificial.

While I had the advantage of having a sister who is an Ayurvedic practitioner herself, my aunts were supporting me using their Pranic Healing processes, my husband motivated me even during the most trying moments and as I came closer to the appointed time, I felt fearless.

I helped Anaya into the world through a water birth, and in that moment, not just was there a sense of serenity, but also one of wonder, as though it was a flower that I watched and felt blooming. It amazes me sometimes that how these processes and methods which are so much more empowering and designed to personally help the expectant mother are so less publicized and forgotten.

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Sapna & Rajat

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